About Knights of Harmony

Who are we?

The Knights of Harmony are an exciting, fun, friendly male A cappella choir based in Chesham.  We take singing and performing, very seriously, although whilst 'sharing the joy of singing', we maintain a sense of fun for our members and audiences alike. 

Amongst our 40 members we have musicians, builders, accountants, an acrobat, a truck driver, a retired seafarer, a surfer, a stone mason, a political advisor, IT and business consultants, businessmen, salesmen, a vicar, a project manager....men with a variety of life experiences aged from early 30’s to 80’s.

Many of us do not have a musical background, several cannot read music, although both are an advantage. We are however, enthusiastic, have a desire to improve, whilst sharing the joy of singing - preferably with an audience rather than just our bathroom tiles. 

We benchmark our progress by competing in the ‘British Association of Barbershop Singers’ (BABS) Convention every year and are currently ranked in the top 10 (there are over 60 registered barbershop choruses in the UK).  We aim to excite and entertain our audiences and be the go-to choir in the region.  In short we love to sing, and sing well.

We have a talented Music Team led by an award winning professional music director, Sean Bui.  Together they ensure we regularly update our repertoire and improve our performances.  Rehearsing regularly on Thursday nights at the White Hill Centre in Chesham from 20:00 to 22:30, we also practice, often in smaller groups, when our busy lives allow.

In 2025 we will stage our 50th anniversary gala concert.  If our recent performance at the Elgiva ‘Chesham Sings’ concert is anything to go by, it will be something special, the audience will love it and you won’t want to miss out in 2025, so look out for details in due course.  

Sharing the Joy of Singing is what we do - so why not get in touch? Whether you want a choir to perform at your event, or would like to give singing with us a go, please drop us a line.


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